Introduction to Buckeye Landscapes & Design

Hello Everyone! Happy First Day of Spring! I’d like to use this first blog to introduce myself, my family, and my company, Buckeye Landscapes & Design, LLC. This way, you may get a feeling for who we are, what we do, and what we are about!

Three years ago, (almost to the day) my husband, Mike & I decided to go out a limb and start our own landscape business; Buckeye Landscapes & Design, LLC. It was a rather terrifying leap! At that time our son had just turned one and we had a baby girl on the way! Mike was leaving a landscape company he had put in 10 years at as their hardscape specialist and head commercial landscape foreman. We knew it was a risk giving up that guaranteed paycheck, especially with a young family to support. It was something we felt we needed to do in order to grow as horticulturists and implement our beliefs on ecologically friendly practices within our industry into our local community. 

Prior to starting Buckeye Landscapes & Design, Mike and I had both been involved in the landscape industry for quite some time. We met and fell in love while working at a landscape company; Mike as a foreman & me as the head landscape designer. After 3 years of dating we got married & still act like those newly-wed couples to this day! We love every minute of being married…the good, the bad, the ugly and all of the accomplishments, no matter what the situation, we do it together! We have also welcomed 3 beautiful babies into our family since getting married. Our first daughter Avery will be celebrating her 4th heavenly birthday this August. Sadly, Avery passed away at 5.5 weeks old due to a recessive genetic disorder called SMA (Spinal Muscular Dystrophy). Our second child, Ethan turned 3 years old this past December, and our earthly daughter Ellie will be turning 2 years old in June. We know it is an honor to be blessed with our wonderful children and we thoroughly enjoy involving them in our landscape practices. Teaching them the correct way to care for landscapes & the earth is such a rewarding experience for us.

Mike graduated from Hoover High School in 1997. He took construction trades at the local vocational school and has been involved in building ever since. At the age of 19 he became occupied in the landscape industry and has become a master hardscaper during his career. I do not say this just because he is my husband, but rather because it is what I truly believe!  His attention to detail (which can make me a little nuts at times) on all his patios, retaining walls, ponds, and waterfalls far exceeds standard procedures in the hardscape trade.  Although Mike really took a liking to the landscape industry do to the building and the freedom of being outdoors he has developed a great appreciation and love for plants as well. Which is a good thing considering I went to college to be become a horticulturist!

I have been involved in the horticulture industry since the day I was born. My grandfather owned and operated a garden center in our community. I enjoyed much of my childhood there; climbing on mulch piles and bales of peat moss, picking pumpkins that grew in the tree field during the fall, and pulling weed from time to time (which in all honesty started my plant identification journey). I worked at my grandfather’s garden center throughout my adolescent and teen years. After graduating from Dover High School in 2002; I went on to become a college graduate of both The Ohio State University’s Agricultural Technical Institute (A.T.I.), and The Ohio State University main campus in Columbus Ohio. I hold an Associates of Science from A.T.I majoring in Horticultural Science, and a Bachelors of Science majoring in Landscape Horticulture with a concentration is landscape design from The Ohio State University’s main campus. I now use the knowledge I gained form earning my degrees to create individualized landscape designs. Because of my horticultural background, I know exactly the right plants for the right spaces. 

Mike and I truly LOVE what we do! There’s not much better that taking a client’s vision for an outdoor space and bringing it to life! In many cases Mike and I first meet with the prospective client, get an idea of their vision then take appropriate measurements and pictures. Once that information is gathered I can begin my design process. Using AutoCAD software, I create an individualized plan for the space. I love the freedom I have during the design stage to utilize my talents for visualizing and planning unique spaces. Once the design is created we put together a contract and pricing for the client to be presented along with the design at the next meeting. 

Our mission is simple; to offer high quality, affordably priced landscapes, and outdoor living spaces and to teach our community to be proactive and the environment. We use only premium grade nursery stock and materials, to deliver functional designs that surpass expectations. We view ourselves as partners with our clients, our employees, our community, and our environment. 

– Krista

Krista Manfull